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What can I buy my spouse for Christmas that will help in a divorce transition?

My spouse and I will be divorcing soon, and I want to get him a gift that will help him out when he moves out. I'm not trying to be mean, but I think a cd or game would be pointless. Any ideas?What can I buy my spouse for Christmas that will help in a divorce transition?
how about a gift card to get new pots and pans or towels and washcloths. Something to start his houseWhat can I buy my spouse for Christmas that will help in a divorce transition?
I think it's sweet you want to buy him something to help him out. I would recommend a nice Christmas card and maybe a gift card for Home Sense or Wal-Mart (you can get ANYTHING there). I wouldn't spend too too much but it's nice of you to do something like this for him. Good for you!
don't rule out the cd wife and I r pretty much going thru the same exact thing right now and she already informed me that she's getting me a cd that includes a song that we both found to be helpful/inspirational during our difficult time. and I really appreciate that she's doing that.
Dr Phil's book about Divorce %26amp; Coping, an address book with all of his family/friends details %26amp; reminders for birthday etc, and finally a letter recapping the good times and hopes for the future. Good luck in 2009!
If you still care this much for your soon to be Ex then why the divorce?

Maybe a second chance would be a great xmas gift....if there is any hope left at all of saving your obviously still have some feelings for him.
if he doesnt have a tv to take with him, than that if u are willing to spend that much...maybe just give him a walmart gift card so he can get whatever he needs himself, because he wont know everything for sure untill hes out.
Wow! This is really a strange question. I can't imagine anything making up for a divorce. I'm sorry, but I am at a loss for suggestions.
pots, pans, plates etc
give him a IOU or a raincheack. if you still love him give him one last night.
A microwave, he will be warming a lot up.
A one way but ticket.
if your husband is anything like my ex, a cook book.
dont get him anything
how about a gift card for a dating service that would help me out
blue ray dvd player

when he moves out he can watch good movies
An iron? A coffee pot? Gosh, what a weird situation....

Why do aquarius females allow spouse/partner to cheat on them and they stay with them?

I know 3 that have cheating husbands, its obvious, they know about it, but they stay with them. Why are aquaruis so weak and dumb to allow themselves to be walked all over and cheated on? Are they that desperate for love or afraid to find new partners?Why do aquarius females allow spouse/partner to cheat on them and they stay with them?
We don't really care hahaWhy do aquarius females allow spouse/partner to cheat on them and they stay with them?
That's a good question. It's not a weakness thing. It's an overwhelming tendency to forgive and see the best in people. To Aquarians, cheating is a bad quality, but not necessarily a deal-breaker. It depends on the other aspects of the relationship.

If my guy cheated on me I would confront him but not necessarily leave him. If it was a continued thing, a constant thing, an obvious thing that made me feel the way you are describing these women (weak, dumb, walked on) I would end it. But cheating in and of itself would be forgiveable to me. Everyone approaches these situations differently.

Zindzi: I agree with everything you said except ';they're probably cheating too.'; It happens occassionally but I've never known an Aquarian woman to cheat. Once they commit they commit, it's one of our defining traits (which to OP is probably another reason they put up with it. Aquarians hate both failing and breaking commitments they've made)

Ah ok that makes sense
Wow, what a way to insult a bunch of people you don't know with a vast generalization. When I found out I was being cheated on I didn't stick around. I cut him out of my life and he was the one calling and trying to get back with me. I can be a forgiving person in a relationship but cheating and lying are where I draw the line. So as far as being dumb and weak, you got the wrong one. Don't base ALL Aquarians on the ones you happen to know. When it comes to relationships Venus signs are more important than the Sun sign anyway.

edit: After reading the answer above, you should definitely know that not all Aquarians are like the ones you described LOL
1. Aquarians never want to come off as 'possessive' so they'd usually rather just stay than to make a fuss.

2. They're probably cheating too.

3. ';Weak'; and ';Dumb'; are the last words I'd use to describe Aquarian women. They're probably doing their own thing.

EDIT: Alex G: I wasn't saying that cheating was an Aquarian trait, I just find that most of the time, people who constantly accept their cheating partners back are either too forgiving, or they're cheating also, regardless of their sign.
So, what the hell R u talkin about? U can't generalise like this.

I could not STAY with a man who cheats on ME. Iw ill dumb and never FOrGIVE him. First of ALL, I have dignity ;), and the most important thing is ME !

Well, aquariuas are not possessive and jealous , probably (your 3 friends)have cheated on their husbands too, or they just DON'T CARE (as someone told). I agree with Tiacola, maybe they have a strong WATER influence in their charts. Aquarian woman have strong personalities, I'm suprised.
What?! You got that totally twisted, yo!!

I'm not married but Ima answer your ? though. If I were married and my hus cheated on me I would most def end this sh!t that's going on! But b4 I even get married Ima know what kinda person he is cuz why would i be with someone that i have doubts about, that's just plain stupid! I don't wanna waste my time for that crap! hell naw!!!!!

I'm not desperate nor am i afraid to find new partners. and to let you know we are not weak and dumb!!!! We are extremely independent and very intellectual so.... the 3 aqua's your talking about must have some dominate water signs in their birth charts. You just can't based your opinions and thoughts just cause you know 3 aqua's who are staying with their huz who are cheating.

p.s. to make sure he don't cheat anymore ill cut his d**k off!!!!!! making sure he doesn't have no children at all heheheh ;)

How can you help relieve the pain and grief of losing a spouse?

How could you handle this grief, words, time,friends hugging you, a stranger grief support group? When together over 40 yrs, how can one adjust not having that person around. Is it normal to want another companion, is it disloyalty to the spouose of so many years? Does it help overcome the lonliness, or just feel guilty?How can you help relieve the pain and grief of losing a spouse?
Some funeral homes / mortuaries provide to the family the possibility of seeing a grief counselor as a part of their services.

Christian ministers are also willing to speak with you about your grief and the types of questions you ask.

I agree, the pain can be intense. Sometimes in our effort to not feel the pain we push away the very people and moments that others come to offer support or prayers. As hard as it seems at the moment, when you will allow even one or two people into your trust to simply sit nearby, it can take the edge off the loneliness of being alone in the house. Desiring a companion's presence is very normal. Marrying quickly, though, making permanent decisions during a time of intense grief may be misguided and a poor choice. Do find an old friend and appreciate each other's company as the next year passes so you can heal.How can you help relieve the pain and grief of losing a spouse?
not so simple to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!

better u search for a good frnd...............
First of all I am sorry and my prayers are with you. My Father passed away a few years ago and it was really hard on my Mother. She kept really busy..and cried quite a bit but after about a month the down episodes seemed less and less. She still has her moments but I think it is normal. Jumping into another relationship probably isn't the answer. You need to go through the grieving process. Spend time with friends and family..and talk about how you feel with your close friends...they are the best support you have at a time like this.
there is an old saying. time heals all wounds. i lost my wife almost 10 years ago. just now finally getting over the grief, denial, and guilt. each person is different, support groups help some, others it dont. you just have to find out what works for you by trying them out. gl, i feel for your loss since i have been there.
We all handle grief differently,I feel that the reason you are looking for another companion is that you want to fill an empty void,which is very normal,The thing about it is no one will ever take the place of your spouse,Jumping into a partner type relation ship will only worsen things on you,You are not being disloyal you are only going through a grief process and it will take time,My advise is to see a counselor and make some friends that can help you out,I am sorry to hear about your loss and I hope that everything works out for you,Just think of the times you had and be grateful you got to be with that person for so long,They would want you to be happy 8-)

Chin up and God Bless you!

What does the spouse get from the government if the other spouse dies in combat/service in the Canadian army?

My husband and brother are talking about going into the military and I don't think my husband should, we have three small children. So if somthing should happen to him would the Canadian government help me raise my children alone. What do military wifes do? What happens in the States?What does the spouse get from the government if the other spouse dies in combat/service in the Canadian army?
The Canadian government gives the surviving families an apologetic slap on the back and a boot in the ****. The Canadian Forces gives you two years of your spouse's income (tax free) and has your spouse sign up for SSIP (our insurance provider) to ensure that his will (also drawn up through the military, at no cost to you) and estates are taken care of, and the surviving members aren't tightly strapped for cash. It's never a replacement, but it does help with expenses. My husband has almost 20 years in the military, we have two school age children...I joined less than 3 years ago. Depending on what element your husband and brother are looking in to (land, air, sea) will depend on the amount of risk. If they sign up for the army, their chances of an overseas deployment is very, very high, especially in combat or combat support trades. You want them safe? Chair, air force or navy are the best routes. Best bet is to talk to someone at your local recruiting office, or if you know someone who is enlisted (talk to the junior rates, steer clear of the officers) ask questions!What does the spouse get from the government if the other spouse dies in combat/service in the Canadian army?
In the states military wives get $250,000 (life insurance) and no funeral costs if the husband signs for a military burial.
I don't know. I know here in the states spouses get some money. Definitely, not near enough that's for sure

Are you dominant over your spouse?What women think about the men who have low profile personality and vice ver?

By low profile personality i mean the hush hush personality. Which means the person who is not out spoken, quiet , doesn't want confrontations. Does your husband/wife in this way? Are you controlling him/her? Are you man of the house?Are you dominant over your spouse?What women think about the men who have low profile personality and vice ver?
*Are you dominant over your spouse?

No, I respect my husband as the man and provider, and better thinker in our family. Respect being the key and very important word. I get that in return as the wife and mother of the household.

Now, that's not to say that in my emotional time (if you know what I mean) when MOST EVERY WOMAN, to some degree, are emotional, irrational, and for some, down right out of control. (alot of woman deny this fact, deny all you want looool but its true. I repeat MOST EVERY WOMAN). Any way, at that time, I can be a bit domineering and dramatic. When my husband brings it to my attention I say, ';NO, I am just trying to express myself';. And the drama goes on and on and on. looool That's woman.

*What women think about the men who have low profile personality.

Some woman like that when it suits them. I think most of us woman want a man who can take charge of the family and at the same time be sweet, soft and caring and appreciate every little thing we do. lool Some woman want that, but don't want to give that in return. That's wrong!!!

There is no perfect man or perfect woman, but you have to give respect to get respect.

I do know its a big subject and a very important one when you wanna live a peaceful loving life with the same person for a lifetime.

*Are you man of the house?

No way, and NO thank you. Wouldn't want that job. :) God bless you good men out there.Are you dominant over your spouse?What women think about the men who have low profile personality and vice ver?
don't think I am dominant over anyone even my friends. I'm just not a very dominant personality. And I don't think I'm the kind of person who could be controling either and my 2 friends just agreed with me about that. I'm also not a confrontational person and I wouldn't want any man who is confrontational either. If a man likes to keep a low profile and is not outspoken or very opinionated that is fine with me. I also don't mind people with a strong personality but I wouldn't want someone who had such a strong personality that he has to have everything his way all the time. That would mean that I could never have what I wanted unless what I wanted was the exact same thing that he wanted all the time. And people are different, there is no one that you are going to agree with 100% of the time. Marriage is about compromise. I think that a good man will not be able to say no to a good wife who treats him well all the time and vise versa. There is an old saying about be his slave and you'll be his master.
My husband is the opposite from what you call a low profile personality. With this kind of personality he wouldn't make it in his job:)).

I would be in deep trouble trying to controll my hubby. There are things only he takes care of and there also things only I take care of. He doesn't controll me either. We know and trust each other and therefore neither him nor me is man/woman of the house.

I know that it wouldn't work without him working outside the house and he knows things inside the house wouldn't work without me.
trust me now the MAIDS are the men of the house!


the truth hurts sometimes =P
Dude, don't close till i post my answer :) -later-

I'd like to take the 1st answer :D

Edit :

I'm Back ..

well, I think this issue is kinda irritating for some PPL especially in the mid. east or Arab countries -as I think-

First Of all marital life is not the life of who domnates who .. it's a shared life -%26amp; the one who think about the domination or power of the other Simply he/she is runis his/her life-

any home must be Managed by one -he MUST listen to the other-

any place in the world is run by one -president, king or Queen sometimes-

%26amp; what always ruin our homes that the parents start to sturggle about the domination ..

they keep doin' so till they end up divorced or anything worse ..

I know some powerful %26amp; wise women -they manage their husbands- the best of it that the husband admit that %26amp; the result they got good homes - those wife keep tellin' that our father is so %26amp; so - to keep the Evil's Eye out :D also if they don't want to something they say ';My husband has prohibited that'; which is not real :)

but the parents who waste their time and effort in these endless Tiffs will end to nothing but sparated and bad homes

Finally .. No man can resist his beloved wife and viceversa .. she/he can get the best out of the other by Good ways ..

Maybe i'll add more later .. i've to go now

check this link :;鈥?/a>

thanks to Alhamdulilah for Choosin' my answer :)


thanks again .. u said before ';All men R jerks'; and now u said somthing offeseive again.

keep Generalizing Sis :)


wow it's a record :D 4 thumbs Down .. it's good to show ur opinion but it'd be better to discuss it further more :)

thanks anyways for Both Parties Up %26amp; Down


I was discussin' that issue with My Mommy minutes ago .. she mentioned that saying also :)

How can a green card holder petition for a non-US citizen spouse who is currently living outside of the US?

I am a green card holder. I just got married to a non-US citizen. My husband is not currently living in the US. I am planning to petition my husband for green card. I filed for I-130. I am new to this immigration thing. Could anyone tell me what the next step is, please. Your help is much appreciated. Thank you.How can a green card holder petition for a non-US citizen spouse who is currently living outside of the US?
Pretty much the same way as any citizen. the primary difference is the time frame. since you're currently a green card holder, the petition you filed for your husband falls into the F2a family preference category, and those take about 5 years from the time they are filed before they are valid for use. Of course, if you become a citizen while you're waiting, the petition would be upgraded to an IR-1 petition and that would be valid immediately. if that happens, be sure to tell USCIS about your petition as they won't go looking for it unless you do.

When your petition gets closer to being valid, you'll be contacted by the National Visa Center for an Affidavit of Support. then, it will be sent out to the embassy or consulate handling immigrant visas where your husband lives. but for now, you're in for a long wait.How can a green card holder petition for a non-US citizen spouse who is currently living outside of the US?
File the Form I-130 which you can find on Since you are not a US citizen the visa will not be available immediately. If approved monitor the visa bulletin on the state department site to see if your priority date has come up. When it does become available your spouse can file the I-485 and hopefully get admitted to the US as a resident.
You can petition through the USCIS like any US citizen but you will have to wait much longer to get your petition approved (longer means several years).
why dont u get a lawyer,,coz i think u cant petition anyone unless ur a citizen..u do have green card right but still ur not a citizen..ask a lawyer wud be the best solution..
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  • How often can an ex-spouse file a motion to modify in Missouri?

    I am in the middle of one (make more money than I did when we were divorced two years ago) and feel absolutely helpless. My attorney basically keeps saying theres nothing we can do since Im at the top of the state's table. Can she do this ANY time? Can I file if I make less next year? Should I expect to have to pay her legal fees?How often can an ex-spouse file a motion to modify in Missouri?
    Hate to tell you this, but she's got you. The judge can order you to pay her legal fees too. However, if you start making less money, you must go back to court and get the judgement modified. As long as you can prove the change in income, a judge will more than likely reduce it according to the state's income table.How often can an ex-spouse file a motion to modify in Missouri?
    Every 30 days if your income has increased or decreased by 20%. That is either parent for child support, since alimony is almost nonexistent in all states I assume we are talking about child support. It is a fairly new law in Missouri.
    As often as she wants. She can apply each time you get a raise. Rightfully, she should not get attorney fees. But, she can ask for them.

    There are Federal Guidelines for child support.

    Provided said judge follows the guidelines and doesn't require more. The only reason you'll need an attorney, is to insure you aren't raped in the courtroom.

    Simply retain an attorney to appear with you, to insure your not raped....couple of hours tops. Much lower bill. Explain to said attorney, he is only there to protect your rights, NOT argue the case, unless the judge goes overboard. He (the attorney) will simply explain to the judge, he is only there to protect your rights. The judge will rule...done deal.

    The way the law is now, when you get a raise, the ex gets a raise. Not much to argue about there...sorry.

    FROM the judges' prospective: You shell out a couple of grand for an attorney, you can afford a couple of hundred extra a month.