Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why do aquarius females allow spouse/partner to cheat on them and they stay with them?

I know 3 that have cheating husbands, its obvious, they know about it, but they stay with them. Why are aquaruis so weak and dumb to allow themselves to be walked all over and cheated on? Are they that desperate for love or afraid to find new partners?Why do aquarius females allow spouse/partner to cheat on them and they stay with them?
We don't really care hahaWhy do aquarius females allow spouse/partner to cheat on them and they stay with them?
That's a good question. It's not a weakness thing. It's an overwhelming tendency to forgive and see the best in people. To Aquarians, cheating is a bad quality, but not necessarily a deal-breaker. It depends on the other aspects of the relationship.

If my guy cheated on me I would confront him but not necessarily leave him. If it was a continued thing, a constant thing, an obvious thing that made me feel the way you are describing these women (weak, dumb, walked on) I would end it. But cheating in and of itself would be forgiveable to me. Everyone approaches these situations differently.

Zindzi: I agree with everything you said except ';they're probably cheating too.'; It happens occassionally but I've never known an Aquarian woman to cheat. Once they commit they commit, it's one of our defining traits (which to OP is probably another reason they put up with it. Aquarians hate both failing and breaking commitments they've made)

Ah ok that makes sense
Wow, what a way to insult a bunch of people you don't know with a vast generalization. When I found out I was being cheated on I didn't stick around. I cut him out of my life and he was the one calling and trying to get back with me. I can be a forgiving person in a relationship but cheating and lying are where I draw the line. So as far as being dumb and weak, you got the wrong one. Don't base ALL Aquarians on the ones you happen to know. When it comes to relationships Venus signs are more important than the Sun sign anyway.

edit: After reading the answer above, you should definitely know that not all Aquarians are like the ones you described LOL
1. Aquarians never want to come off as 'possessive' so they'd usually rather just stay than to make a fuss.

2. They're probably cheating too.

3. ';Weak'; and ';Dumb'; are the last words I'd use to describe Aquarian women. They're probably doing their own thing.

EDIT: Alex G: I wasn't saying that cheating was an Aquarian trait, I just find that most of the time, people who constantly accept their cheating partners back are either too forgiving, or they're cheating also, regardless of their sign.
So, what the hell R u talkin about? U can't generalise like this.

I could not STAY with a man who cheats on ME. Iw ill dumb and never FOrGIVE him. First of ALL, I have dignity ;), and the most important thing is ME !

Well, aquariuas are not possessive and jealous , probably (your 3 friends)have cheated on their husbands too, or they just DON'T CARE (as someone told). I agree with Tiacola, maybe they have a strong WATER influence in their charts. Aquarian woman have strong personalities, I'm suprised.
What?! You got that totally twisted, yo!!

I'm not married but Ima answer your ? though. If I were married and my hus cheated on me I would most def end this sh!t that's going on! But b4 I even get married Ima know what kinda person he is cuz why would i be with someone that i have doubts about, that's just plain stupid! I don't wanna waste my time for that crap! hell naw!!!!!

I'm not desperate nor am i afraid to find new partners. and to let you know we are not weak and dumb!!!! We are extremely independent and very intellectual so.... the 3 aqua's your talking about must have some dominate water signs in their birth charts. You just can't based your opinions and thoughts just cause you know 3 aqua's who are staying with their huz who are cheating.

p.s. to make sure he don't cheat anymore ill cut his d**k off!!!!!! making sure he doesn't have no children at all heheheh ;)

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