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How long after a spouse dies is it appropriate to clean out their things and start giving stuff away?

As long as it takes for you to feel good about doing it. Everybody gets over death at their own schedule. Grieving is usually a long slow process, but some people move on faster than others. You will know when it is time!How long after a spouse dies is it appropriate to clean out their things and start giving stuff away?
Only you will know when it's the right time. It's when you can look at those things, and not break down into tears over the thought of cleaning them out.

Are the memories when you look at those things good or bad? If they are bad, then start getting rid of stuff, you have enough pain that you don't bring more on yourself. If they are good memories, then you may hold on to some things a bit longer.

In the end, it comes down to when YOU and no one else but YOU is ready to let it go.

I'm sorry for your loss, but try to be strong and remember that your life is not over, when you are ready, move forward and live your life, on your terms.

Just my thoughtsHow long after a spouse dies is it appropriate to clean out their things and start giving stuff away?
There isn't any set time to give things away after someone dies. It is done whenever you feel that you are ready and can deal with it. I knew a woman and her husband died and she left everything in her home the way that it was before he had died for a year. Some people can deal with death easier than others.
Thats so personal...but i can say if you feel like you should do it and u just aren't...then pick 10 things that you really love and hold on to those things..give the rest away to a charity.. when there are no pictures, no keepsakes we always have the memories that is the best reminder of people we've shared our lives with..and the memories are always with you..u can pull them out anywhere...anytime. Best to you :)
The moment you're comfortable with it. I'd check with some of the other family members and ask if they'd like to have anything of your spouses. If not donate them to a needy organization or have a garage sale. Move at your own pace though.
It is up to the surviving spouse. No one elses business. People deal with their grief differently. Some clean out and move on to avoid the pain. Some keep it all forever. No one correct way to do grief.
what ever feels right to you and whatever helps you move on. Why do you have to get other peoples approval before doing what feels right to u? If you have the urge to purge, do it...and don't worry about what others will think!
Two years.

Give yourself two years

You will need those things again.

You want to get rid of them but that is your pain.

take two years before you do anything.

Put the stuff in storage.
When ever you feel the need to let it go. The grieving process is normal. Remember, your spouse would still want you to be happy also.
It depends on you. I could not stand to look at my mothers stuff when she passed away. We had her funeral on 22nd her apt was cleaned out before the 30th.
Four weeks ago your Husband was alive (a previous question). If it was your Husband who has passed away you are asking this way to early.
If you did not love them usually the day after the burial ,but some people never do thing like that because they want to keep things of their loved ones in their life....
Shortly after the viewing %26amp; when not too many of his close relatives that said they loved him might drop by.
if my husband died i wouldn't ever be ready to do that...i'd hold on to everything i possibly could.
When the widow decides it is time. Some widows hang on to SOME of their late husband's things forever. I do.
Whenever you feel up to it. This is one of those ';only you know when'; situations.
Whenever the person feels like, but I would at least wait till after the funeral.
I think a spouse who loved their partner will know when the time is right.
You have to wait til they are dead?
A decent time would be 6 months. You could box up things if you are up to it. Give it 6 months, out of respect.
how did they die?

how did you feel about them?

i would say 30days
mrs_g2 said it best.......Take your time.....
when it feels right

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