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Are you dominant over your spouse?What women think about the men who have low profile personality and vice ver?

By low profile personality i mean the hush hush personality. Which means the person who is not out spoken, quiet , doesn't want confrontations. Does your husband/wife in this way? Are you controlling him/her? Are you man of the house?Are you dominant over your spouse?What women think about the men who have low profile personality and vice ver?
*Are you dominant over your spouse?

No, I respect my husband as the man and provider, and better thinker in our family. Respect being the key and very important word. I get that in return as the wife and mother of the household.

Now, that's not to say that in my emotional time (if you know what I mean) when MOST EVERY WOMAN, to some degree, are emotional, irrational, and for some, down right out of control. (alot of woman deny this fact, deny all you want looool but its true. I repeat MOST EVERY WOMAN). Any way, at that time, I can be a bit domineering and dramatic. When my husband brings it to my attention I say, ';NO, I am just trying to express myself';. And the drama goes on and on and on. looool That's woman.

*What women think about the men who have low profile personality.

Some woman like that when it suits them. I think most of us woman want a man who can take charge of the family and at the same time be sweet, soft and caring and appreciate every little thing we do. lool Some woman want that, but don't want to give that in return. That's wrong!!!

There is no perfect man or perfect woman, but you have to give respect to get respect.

I do know its a big subject and a very important one when you wanna live a peaceful loving life with the same person for a lifetime.

*Are you man of the house?

No way, and NO thank you. Wouldn't want that job. :) God bless you good men out there.Are you dominant over your spouse?What women think about the men who have low profile personality and vice ver?
don't think I am dominant over anyone even my friends. I'm just not a very dominant personality. And I don't think I'm the kind of person who could be controling either and my 2 friends just agreed with me about that. I'm also not a confrontational person and I wouldn't want any man who is confrontational either. If a man likes to keep a low profile and is not outspoken or very opinionated that is fine with me. I also don't mind people with a strong personality but I wouldn't want someone who had such a strong personality that he has to have everything his way all the time. That would mean that I could never have what I wanted unless what I wanted was the exact same thing that he wanted all the time. And people are different, there is no one that you are going to agree with 100% of the time. Marriage is about compromise. I think that a good man will not be able to say no to a good wife who treats him well all the time and vise versa. There is an old saying about be his slave and you'll be his master.
My husband is the opposite from what you call a low profile personality. With this kind of personality he wouldn't make it in his job:)).

I would be in deep trouble trying to controll my hubby. There are things only he takes care of and there also things only I take care of. He doesn't controll me either. We know and trust each other and therefore neither him nor me is man/woman of the house.

I know that it wouldn't work without him working outside the house and he knows things inside the house wouldn't work without me.
trust me now the MAIDS are the men of the house!


the truth hurts sometimes =P
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well, I think this issue is kinda irritating for some PPL especially in the mid. east or Arab countries -as I think-

First Of all marital life is not the life of who domnates who .. it's a shared life -%26amp; the one who think about the domination or power of the other Simply he/she is runis his/her life-

any home must be Managed by one -he MUST listen to the other-

any place in the world is run by one -president, king or Queen sometimes-

%26amp; what always ruin our homes that the parents start to sturggle about the domination ..

they keep doin' so till they end up divorced or anything worse ..

I know some powerful %26amp; wise women -they manage their husbands- the best of it that the husband admit that %26amp; the result they got good homes - those wife keep tellin' that our father is so %26amp; so - to keep the Evil's Eye out :D also if they don't want to something they say ';My husband has prohibited that'; which is not real :)

but the parents who waste their time and effort in these endless Tiffs will end to nothing but sparated and bad homes

Finally .. No man can resist his beloved wife and viceversa .. she/he can get the best out of the other by Good ways ..

Maybe i'll add more later .. i've to go now

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thanks again .. u said before ';All men R jerks'; and now u said somthing offeseive again.

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