Monday, December 28, 2009

How do you deal with a spouse that has a learning disability?

First of all I love my wife and she will be my forever queen; however there are times when her learning disability can become frustrating. Example, my wife will ask me questions with a ';very broad description'; however is unable to pin point an exact question; it is very hard to answer. I always try to figure out her exact question and at times she doesn't even know her own question. Well, don't want to confuse you.

How do you deal with a spouse or a partner with a learning disability?How do you deal with a spouse that has a learning disability?
You married her so that means it wasn't that important to you at the time. As time goes on you have become more aware of just how much she really doesn't know. Please what ever you do don't let on that you think of her as a person with a learning disability that will devastate her.Some of us learn much slower then others and in most cases didn't have the advantages other kids had in going to private schools. Are you embarrassed to take her around your friends or does she embarrass you at all if she does then she is aware of it because it's something she can feel from you without you even saying a word. I myself was a very slow learner in school and i have been struggling everyday of my life to keep up with things you might found simple. My husband has been helping me everyday for the passed 31 years he founds me to be funny because i say things without really thinking first. I sure hope my husband doesn't look at me the way you look at your wife i couldn't live with that.How do you deal with a spouse that has a learning disability?
It takes patience and a very strong minded individual that has this patience to oversee and too care for this person that is disabled.

Hang in there and you will learn something new. It make you very special too!

I was raised with a disabled brother, deaf and could not hear and I will tell you it was the hardest job I ever had in my life was to learn my brother and understand. It took years and now me and my brother rock on and party together. I can understand him and talk with him in sign language.

It made me a better person and truly you will overcome with your wife and you will see another side that will light up your life with Angels I promise you. Hang in there and be patient. You are under Gods seige.
It would help if you had a more specific example. I mean, the only thing I can really say is that you know her the best. I know I can say ';well, just be patient'; but I'm sure that's probably easier said than done. Maybe you can ask her to keep a memo pad so she can like, write down her thoughts instead of forgetting and having to scramble for the concept she was thinking about. I know that's bland advice but I really can't think of anything else. Good luck.
You are just going to have to except it and be very understanding and very patient. How would you want her to feel if it was you with the disability??? I'm sure if she had her way.....she would not choose to have this disability. I am also sure that she doesn't mean to frustrate you, she's probably doing the best she can.
With patience and support. I have a learning disability too, but I have two four year college degrees and am currently working on my Masters degree. It is very difficult. But I'm gonna get it if it takes the rest of my life - and it probably will.
You must have known this about her before you married her, why is it upsetting you now? Just sit tight while she stumbles with her question and answer it when she finally knows what she is asking.
I have a similar situation. I simply stay in a playing field that she is familiar with. I love her and don't expect her to be a rocket scientist any time soon. Take Care
Be understanding her whole life. Try and work it out with her. Talk to her about the problems ou have with it. And she'll understand more where your coming from.
Try to be patient %26amp; kind %26amp; never forget that she can't help this behavior.hat's the only way I know to deal with it,since she can't change.
If you love her enough you just deal. If you know that it really isn't her fault then why make a deal out of it?
She sounds like half the people on the site, and likely half the people on this planet.

Not every one thinks well, hon, nor are many able to put together a clear item of concern. Nor to think logically..

That's likely why not everyone is a doctor.

No one is perfect, and likely you knew of this difficulty of hers prior to your marriage. And it's still there. No one ever gets better when they function like this..... You ignore it, and concentrate on those things about her that drew you to her....
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