Thursday, December 31, 2009

What are some things that you and your spouse will never agree on?

Even though my husband and I have a lot in common we still agree to disagree and compromise on certain things.

What are some things you and your spouse will just never agree on-even if it's something small...

For example some of ours are...

Tattoos, piercings, religion, how to spend money, even stuff like dinner/groceries, or what type of movie to watch.What are some things that you and your spouse will never agree on?
What we consider ';fun.'; His is hanging out with the same group of people week after week, night after night.

Mine is seeing new places, experiencing new things, meeting new people.

Sounds so trivial, but can cause real conflict.What are some things that you and your spouse will never agree on?
Nothing. He does what he's told.

lol, just kidding.

He and I just agree to disagree on whatever it is. We really don't disagree on anything of importance. We compromise on everything. It keeps the peace and we both end up getting what we want, if not this time then next time. Does that make sense? We also respect each others opinion or belief if there is something that we disagree on. Like I said, it's usually not on anything of importance. We get along splendidly really.....going on 15 years.

Thinking about it, I guess we never agree on movies. I like chick flicks and he loves dramas and action.
religion. We are both Christian but my husband was raised in a very conservative denomination (no instrumental music, no woman preachers, no Sunday school teacher that are women if a man is going to be in the class). I have learned not to even try to discuss it with him. He doesn't go to church now but the subject does come up on occasion if we go to his fathers church once in a blue moon. I take my son to church where I want but my husband refuses to go anywhere other than the denomination he was raised in. Weird, I know, but we make it work.
OMG!...My husband and I have the worst time agreeing on groceries and what to have for dinner. I admit that I do like to pick dinner up rather than actually cook. We spend a lot of time going over how much I spend on picking something up instead of cooking what we have in the fridge. But when I get off work...I have tunnel vision and I am so ready to get home and get's just easier. So I try to explain to him that the stove isn't attached to the back of my car in the evenings so he can start dinner before I get there :-)
Of course, you may be married, but you're still individuals. Every one has an opinion of how things should be, it's normal. If you can agree to disagree, there shouldn't be too much of a problem. It's only when one or the other tries to impose their thoughts and opinions on the other that it becomes a problem. It's Ok to be your own person even in marriage. Hope this helps....
The only thing is lights... I shower in the dark and like few lights on. He likes it a little brighter. I also like to leave a colored light on instead of a white light, it is more relaxing.
Jesus! ';lots in common'; You guys are so lucky! You guys are definitely made for each other.
How to spend money is the biggest thing. Followed by child discipline.
Discipline of children.....
Buying too many toys for our toddler.
how to discipline children, that's why I am in charge of that area most the time lol
A new sexual experience. I am tired of the same old sheet!

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