Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What happens if you and your spouse are in two different branches of the military?

My husband is in the Marines and when I graduate college next year I want to join the Air Force as an officer. Would that be a problem? I know if I joined the Navy it would be somewhat easier but, I've always wanted to join the Air Force. Would they station us together?What happens if you and your spouse are in two different branches of the military?
The only time you could hope to be together would be if you were both on a joint assignment which is rare for the Marines unless he is a higher ranking officer. Maybe at the Pentagon. If you were to go as a Navy officer, you would have a much better chance of being together. Marine officer would give you the best chance.

Even if two people are in the same branch of service, there is a good chance they won't be stationed together. It gets harder and harder to do that as you go up in rank, because there are fewer jobs available.What happens if you and your spouse are in two different branches of the military?
I'm thinking Camp Pendleton and Langley AFB, I'm thinking San Diego, I'm thinking Eglin AFB Florida, I'm thinking Kadena, Hell, we had Marines stationed at Lackland AFB TX.

I'm not saying that you won't ever be separated....and the limited locations you can go may impact your career but there's plenty of places you can be stationed together depending on your respective career fields.

EDIT: Apparently, Lobas 13 is not aware that there are roughly 7K mil to mil couples in the AF alone. Somehow we get past the mental instability long enough to get our jobs done.
I'm sorry to say this this but the answer is most definitely no. The Armed forces would not allow this for they fear it would distract you from your job as a marine, ranger, pilot, engineer etc. Inability to lead due to emotional instability for the safety of the other spouse. simply put, The marines usually don't mix very well w/ other branches of the military (by nature)... I really hope this helps you understand, and I want to thank you for serving your country, it takes a great deal of courage to do what you and husband have committed to keep safe. Our prayers are with you.
No they would not station you together unless you are in the same branch. Each Service Branch has their own bases,etc. The Marines and Navy are in the same department and work together alot. If you join the Air Force, you wont see your husband at all.

I'm sorry =(
probably not. One almost no AF and Marine bases located near each other. 2, spousal co location is NEVER a guarantee even in the same branch. 3 they consider 50 miles to be stationed together. 4: no guarantees whatsoever that you will even be offered a commission in the AF.
how would you be stationed together? even if you were in the navy you wouldnt be stationed together. so you will be away from eachother until he gets out, then he can move with you.
Neither of you would ever be stationed together ever. You had better define Marriage before going against the grain. Ask yourself is it worth my marriage to risk this?
hell no!!!! you better join the marines or else you will never seen him. Sorry.

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