Monday, December 28, 2009

What does it mean if a spouse is a total shopaholic?

Not my wife, but a friend's seems to drop $400 in every store she enters. They have a lot of loose change, but he doesn't know the extent to which she spends.What does it mean if a spouse is a total shopaholic?
Could be worse Eddie you could be married to Ruth above here.What does it mean if a spouse is a total shopaholic?
None taken. I could be a shopaholic--this is free.

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%26lt;thinks about why he's asking and giving an answer to make his wife happy%26gt;

Her husband adores her and wants only the very best. Purchasing only the very best is her function in their household.

The fact that he doesn't know the extent to which she spends gives them an opportunity for occasional conflict. Without conflict, no good story can ever be written.

Plus, shopaholics don't view the money they spent, they view the money they saved. Nothing can be done. ';Look honey, I got this $4000 sofa for only $3000 and it's interest free for a year!!';
Most likely shopping gives her an emotional high that she's not getting elsewhere. It could be related to her self-esteem or it could be related to her relationship with your friend. And most likely, she's not aware of what she's compensating for.

And Loose Change can add up when someone is a shopaholic and result in financial disasters. Your friend needs to run their credit reports to see what's out there.

Here are a couple good articles about shopaholics:鈥?/a>鈥?/a>
Normally when women spend excessively it is out of emotional issues..we are normally moved by we want to look better...hoping that will make us feel better, we want to be validated and justified so we feel that puts us in a position of Power being able to get what we want when we want and also that is a red flag..yeah she may have all that extra BUT is she really happy and does he really enhance her as a woman..been there done the end of my marriage I shopped all the time and yeah we had lots of loose change so he really didn't care and now years later i can see what it was I had a void and I just gave away 24 bags of clothes still with tags, 12 brand new designer bags and 33 pairs of brand new shoes that he bought and I had never worn and now I handle my money differently because I am complete within me!! I hope this helps but there is a message between the lines if her husband takes the time to read it...
Yeah, Ruth! *applauds* I would have never thought of it that way, but , she is most likely correct. Despite my husband and I other obvious problems, we do like to see each other get the things that we enjoy until there is too much week at the end of the money.
Depends on which way you look at it. She might be getting her cut now before he runs off with his secretary or she's a bored high maintenance wife. Or this could be her way of getting his attention?
She has a problem and is probably compensating for something.
2009 economy ,not good
shes a lucky ****** !
It means there is something missing in her life and she is trying to fill a void.
I'm hoping it is the 20 year old and keeping fingers cross that she spends all your money lol
Well at least we know someone is out there boosting our economy

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