Monday, December 28, 2009

What would you do if your spouse asked for a divorce via text Message?

Spouse has to work and live in a different city. See one another as often as possible. Then comes the text. If a spouse asked you to marry them face to face (and on one knee), shouldn't they ask for divorce the same way?What would you do if your spouse asked for a divorce via text Message?
I'd rub their toothbrush between my butt cheeks.What would you do if your spouse asked for a divorce via text Message?
Pretend you didn't get it. Then drive, fly, whatever you need to do to get to where he lives and demand that he explain himself to your face.

If you feel the marriage is worth saving, then one or the other is going to have to make sacrifices. If he's just tired of living apart, then maybe you need to move to where he's living so you can be together. If he's having an affair, then he needs to quit his job and move back to where you live.

If you don't think the marriage is worth the sacrifices, just text back ';okay';, then cancel your cell phone, move and forward your home phone calls to your divorce attorney.
if a spouse asks for a divorce by text message it was never really a compatible relationship. It is not a rule that they have to divorce you in the same way but it would be nice if it could be like that but it is not like that. Life goes rough but you need to confront your spouse and talk it out with them. Maybe they are having a confusing time right now and they just do not know what to do so they act childish and pass a text message to you telling you that they want a divorce. However if you never talk to them then nothing would ever get resolved. I hope i helped and i hope you have a great day. Bye.
Hell yea. I would think if anything that if your spouse cant do it face to face in a proposal. Why Not ask for a divorce face to face? To me that shows Guilt! You Spouse is guilty about something and is too scared to do it face to face. Even if your spouse lives in a different city. Quite frankly, if your spouses intentions were to avoid drama and confrontation then your spouse would have been smarter to do it face to face.
I like the idea that a divorce should be asked on one knee. The last man who attempts that stunt was slapped while he was on his knee. That is definitely not a good idea.

Divorce request via text? Your husband is testing you, if you will fall for that. Until the papers are served, pretend that no text was received.
That so immature and would make me extremely upset. Like honestly, you don't have the decency to do it face to face, what a poor character. I would pack up there stuff and start arranging lawyer meetings. No one that immature would be worth my love or time.

I'm so sorry that you have to deal with such a coward, but in the end it may be for the best. Good luck to you and hope you have brighter days.
i would text him back just be like hey ***hole why don't be a f-ing man and come say it too my face if he wants to play the whole childish bull**** then i'd take all of his crap and donate it to a charity then be like well clearly i didn't think you would have the balls to come back home whoops sorry lol
WOW that is really shady. I would quite possibly go over there and shove the cell phone down their throat.

Actually, I would probably just try to realize their idiocracy and my mistake for even marrying the person. If this actually happened to you I'm sorry.
what an asshole .. im sorry .. it know its way hard but it makes it even harder to get it over a text .. well they obviously have no respect for you if they did that and don't deserve you at all .. give the divorce and find someone worth your time
Well I wouldn't expect him to go down on one knee and ask for a divorce, that would be odd. However, what a coward for not asking for a divorce in person.
Chances are they won't go down on one knee to ask for a divorce. Texting probably seemed more convenient and less confrontational, especially drama is expected.
that is ridiculous!

he doesnt have the bottle to talk to you in person then why should you even respond to that?

wait until you see him and talk in person
start moving your half of the assets into a friend's name. start thinking about your exit plan. where do you want to live? do you need to restart your career? can you live on your salary?
in my opinion i really think they should

and if they say i want a divorce dont reply

when you see them face to face throw the ring at

him or her.
They should! I mean breaking up with your middle school sweetheart is shallow. You should like throw the ring at his face and call him a shallow f****r.
Wow. And I thought using a text message to end a dating relationship was bad.

i want d1vorc3.
What difference would it make? Obviously it's over.
Now I've heard everything. Give the man the divorce, what a jerk!
Text back GFY...Figure it out.
Not if he's a wimp and can't tell you to your face!
i suppose, ,,,, a sign of immaturity, or cowardice
Text Him back and say.. .';GOOD ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME!';

but then again..thats just me.
tell that ***** to say it to your face
yeah but i would take a text any day!!!
are you ******* kidding me!!

i would reply 'no ******** u wanna divorce grow a pair of balls and ask me face to face'!

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