Monday, December 28, 2009

What would you do if thought your spouse was sabotaging your professional development?

- changing shifts to make it more difficult to find child care arrangements

- using your transportation to prevent you from getting to work/school

- putting you through guilt trips every chance possible

- making threats to quit working

I'm not sure I have the courage to walk away from this situation. There is my son involved. I'm sure if I ever tried to he would make my life a livin he**.What would you do if thought your spouse was sabotaging your professional development?
You should call him on it, put your fut down, be assertive, and not let him get away with it. Inform him that if he ...

...changes shifts, he'll have to make child care arrangements himself, or you'll let him babysit.

...takes your transportation, you'll take a cab and make him reimburse you for it. (Or pawn his stuff if he refuses.)

...tries with the guilt trips, all he's going to get from now on is, ';Tell it to the hand!';

...quits working, you will cut off nonessential stuff first, in order to cut expenses. If he likes the internet, you'll cut it off first. If he loves cable TV, cut it off. If he's stuck to his cell phone, cut it off.

Don't take his crap lying down - fight him!What would you do if thought your spouse was sabotaging your professional development?
Girl get some back bone! I am even weak at times in my relationship but what I do suggest is that you not allow him to use your vehicle or accept his guilt trips! Why? Because the more and more you accept his guilt he puts on you tying to make you feel bad about something he obviously knows he's the one doing wong it will only get worse and the every-time he'll try to take it further and further or see what he can get away with like a bad child! I wish I could give you more advice but when your time comes and you're drained you will know it because you will just uproot and snatch the carpet of his comfort right from under his feet and it's obvious you're not there yet good luck!
Any one who sabotages your life is not a good person for you to be around. Someone who makes life difficult for you, and does not respect you is a throw away person. A person like that needs to be cut out like a cancer and removed permanently from your life. Having the kid together makes it tough though- I understand. My ex wife brought me down big time, we divorced, but she was pregnant when we split. Turns out the kid is mine, and now I have to deal with her on a reg. basis. IT SUCKS!!!!! If it hadn't been for that one sperm getting through, I would be free of this witch forever. God must really hate me. She has had dozens of miscarriages in her life with different men, and now her body decides to work right for me. Lucky me!
I would make outside arrangements, like your mom or somebody to help out, so you can do your thing, and have a peace of mind while working. and count him out completely. maybe he jsut feels neglected, and the two of you can figure something out to spend more quality time together?
well, from what you said he already is trying to make your life a living hell and your living with him. So you have a choice, either let him make your life a living hell while your living with him or let him make your life a living hell when your not living with him... which do you prefer?
Why would he object to your working and making more money for the family? Is this work/school thing getting in the way of your obligations as a wife and mother? I would need to know more before giving an opinion.
Find out the root cause for why he is seemingly sabotaging your professional development. Could it be that he is wanting more time with his wife and feels threatened by your job?
I would ask him about it try to talk to him and ask what's going on, if things stay the same leave is ***
I would find out what the heck was going on.
Have you talked to him about this? Might be time for counseling.
and your belief that he's doing this, and dancing to these tunes, is better?
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