Monday, December 28, 2009

What do you lie to your spouse or signifigant other about?

Also, why do you feel the need to do this?What do you lie to your spouse or signifigant other about?
I lie that I spend my money on lunches, in reality I'm putting it away in a savings account so that I can have enough for a divorce and new apt.What do you lie to your spouse or signifigant other about?
Almost everything...And the only reason for that is that she makes me feel like i have to lie about everything. When she asks a question, it feels like an interrigation.....It doesn't matter how innocent or mundane whatever i did was. Its because she asked me a question like ';What have you done today??';, ';Why was your phone turned off??';, Or when on the phone ';Where are you??';, ';Are you at the pub??';. In a moment of panick i will lie even when i don't have to.

Have you ever walked down the street when a police car drives past and even tho you know you haven't got anything dodgy on your person....You still feel guilty?? lol Its just like that :-)

Edit: Not in any subtle or cunning way :-). Because a question can be disguised as something innocent....Thats the beauty of them. So if you react to the ';Non'; innocent side of the question, that in itself raises awareness.

E.g...';Where have you been??';%26lt;-- I've been at the pub. ';Who were you with??';%26lt;-- What are you trying to say??. ';All i asked is who you were with, why so defensive??';. There are other ways but they are easily picked up on and they cannot be disguised like the ';Seemingly'; mundane questions
oh I answered this one before

I tell her

1) That i don't drink when i promise her i won't , but i do. (because she'd get mad, and maybe worried)

2) That I don't miss her when I do (I don't want her to think i'm desperate)

3)That I never lie to her (so she'll believe my othe lies)

4) That I don't care what she thinks about some things (cos she makes me angry and stuff)

5) That i like her the way she had her hair cut (she'd be offended if i told her i thought it was crap and that she should change it back)

6) That I thought her cat was the cutest cat ever. (She'd dump me if I said otherwise)

7) That she is perfect (um i dunno flattery makes her smile alot)

8) That I'm not jealous (um i dunno, she knows it's not true, but again don't want her to think i'm desperate, mad, obsessive etc)

9) That I don't find [insert females name] when sometimes it's not true. (um because she likes to be controlling and will get annoyed if i say otherwise. You know, you don't just say, oh i think she's sexy because it would seem like your undermining her)
That I don't know where her vibrator is--I know perfectly well where it is, but I just like to see her hunt around for it frantically like a dog searching for its missing bone.
If I Had A Significant Other

I Would Always Adhere To The Standby:

';No, Your Bum Does Not Look Too Big In That';

For The Usual Reasons
Money - because if he knew there were more of it, he would spend it on unnecessary things - and I don't like to waste hard earned money (I make more than him).
I don't lie to my SO about anything. I am completely open and honest with him.
That I have NO idea what happened to his old, stretched-out, hole-strewn KISS t-shirt.

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