Monday, December 28, 2009

What kind of sick person cheats on their spouse when they are in the hospital?

Isn't that when they need you the most? McCain pretty much did the most despicable thing I can think of. What kind of sick person cheats on their spouse when they are in the hospital?
Yep, leaving your sick wife and having an affair with a rich heiress and then marry her the next month is pretty dispicable.

I'm sure the hypocritical right will dismiss this just like they do everything else. Or they will whine, ';well Clinton cheated on his wife';. As if that makes it OK. I can hear all the excuses now.

But regardless of what anyone thinks, it does speak volumes about the man's character, or at least an example of his ';family values';. Ha what a laugh.

His present wife just better not hope she gets stove up in the hospital. But then again, she is wealthy. That could make a difference.What kind of sick person cheats on their spouse when they are in the hospital?
Hey, let's not get on too much of a high horse. What kind of president would be getting his parts serviced in the oval office while terrorists were planning the 2001 attacks? How's that for the most despicable thing you can think of? Oh, I guess to you that's better because Hillary wasn't in the hospital then...right?

By the way. What kind of sick person calls their own grandmother (who is sick now) a ';typical white person';. And why did he not bring his wife and children on his trip there to see her? HMMM???

hi! i know how you feel,the same happened to me when i gave birth to my youngest child,yes it is sick some people just do notunderstand how much you need them at that time . my husband at the time slept with my next door neighbour and my other friend court them in bed,tried to deny it but wen it is right there in your face how can it be denied. I dont think they are very faithfull if they can do that to someone. i took him back but kept doing it,once they do it they will continue to do so.
I think you may have McCain and Newt Gingrich mixed up. McCain just moved in with Cindy without bothering to get a divorce. So, he spent a while as an unapologetic adulterer. It was Gingrich who had his first wife served with divorce papers while she was in the hospital with terminal cancer.
You don't know the facts, as we do know with the following---have you forgotten Clinton and his 'oRal 'cigar' office' w/ Monica? and all the rest of the dames he conquered? And John Edwards and love child toboot...OH, and Kerry,and don't forget the 'monkey boat dude', OH! and how about McGreevy (NJ) %26amp; his gay lover when he had a wife and KIDS, NOT to mention Dodds %26amp; his hunk of a gay dude he played with..And even the infamous Ted 'Chap Of Quiddick', getting away with even murder..OH yes, don't forget about J Levy, Gary Condit's love affair, then she was murdered....seems more Dems can't keep the zipper up in their pants moreso than Republicans...don't cast the stones.
He didn't do a nice thing, that's for sure, but he acknowledged it, took full responsibility for his failed marriage and has apologized for it. He has been married to Cindy for almost 30 years. I'd say that his first marriage was not a good match to begin with. Clearly his second was a success.
get a life..stop freaking out about other people do(that you probably don't even know) I mean you don't know the whole story or everything that went down. my god people are taking this election so freaking really you dont know John McCain personally so why is it upsetting you.
I don't think Sen. McCain's wife was thinking much about having sex when she was in hospital.

So, Sen. McCain went out looking for some and obviously found it. Probably much better that what he had been getting as a POW

Edit : Seems like 4 of you folks prefer POW sex.
Not just if she was hospitalized but ANYTIME.

May I point out that Slick Willy cheated on his wife while in office.

what a CROCK!

In a Christian church, a pastor who has cheated on his wife is FIRED, now!

what has happened to this nation?
Their personal lives, as long as they can run the country, it should not be an issue. BTW, it wasn't McCain, it was John Kerry. (don't quote me), but it wasn't McCain.
that is so mussed up!!!

did he really do that to his wife!!

he is so old and he right in the head that's why i voted for Obama!!
His ex-wife has already forgiven him, and is voting for him. It was a youthful thing, like Obama's cocaine trafficking.
The same kind of man who cheated on his wife before he became a POW. He was the wild maverick remember and it's well documented he ran round on his wife more than just with Cindy.
The kind that is totally inconsiderate.
He left her because she was obese, cripple and broke! That shows just what kind of a man he is!!!

How can any woman vote for that wanker???!!!!
Men like pretty women? Well, I do find that insensitive. I have the former Mrs. Mccain is okay.
Just as sick as cheating on your wife down the hall in the oval office.
No actually selling out our country (obama) is the most despicable thing that can be done!!! what kind of sicko sells out the nation? He's as bad or worse than clinton was!
Well that's Republicans for you =)
The same kind that smacks a woman then says ';You better put some ice on that';
He was trading up to a richer chick.Wait till she gets sick.
he was a pow when she was in the hospital ( 1st wife)
I would as long as the she's is HOT!!!
Yep, although I'd put Palin up there.

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