Thursday, December 31, 2009

What should you do if your previously dieting spouse falls off the wagon?

And you find him/her on the kitchen floor with six empty cartons of Ben %26amp; Jerry's and a glazed look.

My spouse gets so testy when I mention her relapses.What should you do if your previously dieting spouse falls off the wagon?
I would be supportive and encouraging. I'd let them know that I love them regardless of whether they diet or not. Also that I know how hard they've been trying and that it's quite normal to have relapses, but that they can get right back on the wagon if they want to. That's about all you can do. Everyone has to decide for themselves. She probably gets testy thinking you are disappointed in her, as she probably is herself.What should you do if your previously dieting spouse falls off the wagon?
Am I your spouse? Oh god, dieting is hard and I have fallen off. Just when my husband starts to say how hot I'm looking, I'll get overly confidant, then lose motivation, have a bad day and wham. I'm drinking beer and eating chocolate like Oprah on crack. Don't do anything in the moment. Wait for a happy time and mention that has been doing so well on her healthy eating plan that you decided to make a super diet friendly dinner for you both. Help her out too you know. Keep fruits in the house, don't mention the relapses unless it's a relapse without a recovery. Losing weight and keeping it off is an ongoing thing with ups and downs, just keep with her on it and encourage her NICELY to keep up the good work.
As a true and loving husband, you would find a way to get beyond that in your heart, mind and soul.

You would also find ways to work with her to help her in the dieting as well as giving her the support system that she needs on the mental and emotional level to help keep her inspired with the diet.

The same would be in reverse for a wife with a husband who has a weight issue.
I must be missing something because I don't see how people fall out of love with their spouse just because they gain a few pounds. And half of the time people marry their spouses (already with some extra baggage) and expect after they say ';I Do'; for them to lose weight and be how they imagine them to be. If your spouse falls of the band's not the end of the world. They are probably on some stupid diet that doesn't work anyway all because they are trying to starve themselves to be the perfect weight. I would get on the floor right next to my boo and indulge right along with him.
Are you supportive when she diets? When she falls off the wagon, sit there and share some with her. Once she's done beating herself up, encourage her by saying....all good things take time. Tomorrow's another day. Remind her how much you love and support her. Hope this helps....
Baby, lovingly and gently go get your come along tool and get her back on that *itch @ss diet wagon and with all of the love you can possibly muster continue to be supportive of her efforts.
Wagon?? Sounds like she needs to get a treadmill. Is she so big that you have to wagon her around? Wow, that is not cool... Have you ever thought about a wheelbarrow? They are cheaper and you dont need horses.
Ignore it and leave the kitchen unless this happens every night. then you should probably make the house a Ben %26amp; Jerry free zone.
Equip the wagon with bigger and better shocks.
You support her first

Then suggest that maybe if she didn't purchase junk, she wouldn't keep running back to it

then you take her to a dietion and have them work with her
SHE has to do something about it - you can only make it worst
Force her to eat pizza til she vomits.... like when you force a kid to smoke until they're sick to put them off it.

No wonder she's over eating.... she's obviously married to an awful man.
i would be supportive, not spiteful.

relapse is a part of the recovery process.
Be even more supportive and understanding!
Remind her not to forget the sprinkles next time. : )
Tell her to shut up and get on the treadmill.
*sigh* Women! ;-)
My husband has been working so hard to lose weight - but it's OK if he has a snack or two occasionally. We all deserve to eat what we want from time to time!
she need help! if you love her!it will eat her brain truly!
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