Thursday, December 31, 2009

How do I tell a family member that their spouse is cheating on them?

I received an envelope in the mail with no return address on it and it was copies of one of my siblings spouse's emails, to the lover, about the affair. Talking about planning on living the rest of their lives together. I'm so worried about the children (my nieces and nephews).How do I tell a family member that their spouse is cheating on them?
If your parents are gone it's up to each and every brother and sister to look out for each other no matter what the age. My brother told me and I love him more for it. The spouse is always the last to know. Don't let him or her be the laughing stock to everyone who knows and will not say anything. If they are cheating on the spouse then they are cheating on your nieces and nephews. If they had any thought that someone else might catch their eye they should have never gotten married or had children. If you don't tell the truth what are you teaching your nieces and nephews? They know more than what you think, children are very smart when it comes to things like this. I know my children knew before I did and they should have never been put in that situation. Good luck and God bless.How do I tell a family member that their spouse is cheating on them?
It is possible that someone is being cruel (who has access to someone's work e-mail adress for ex) because someone hurt them in some way. I say this b/c they have access to he/she's e-mails.

The other is the spouse of the person having an affair with your sibling. He/she may have pulled this info up on their home computer.

There is no easy way to approach your sibling other than to have privacy when you present them to your sibling.

I have actually been in this situation in another way. It was my wife that was cheating and a co-worker anonymously sent me a letter in the mail. I am forever in their debt for letting me know, because who knows how far it would have gone if I wasn't made aware and able to rectify the situation.
Blood is thicker than water. Show your sibling the mailing immediately and do it with the spouse present. Tell them that whatever is going on needs to be addressed by both together. Then you've done your duty and you can step back and let them handle their business. Don't sit on this one- your brother/sister deserves you to do the right thing.
Show your sibling the email letter. Let their spouse be the one to say it, without them necessarily knowing, but still.. That way you won't have to say a thing. Just explain that you received something in the mail without a return address, and you think they should see it.
show it to your sibling. and ';be there'; (if he/she wants you there) for support.

they have a right to know - i would want to know, wouldn't you?

i'm just wondering why it was sent to YOU rather than your sibling..
Forget about trying to talk to the cheating spouse, useless. Expose it to your sibling immediately before your sibling found out you know it %26amp; you are keeping away from him/her.
U must show them to your sibling!!!

This is the best thing to do and it also contains all the proof anyway!

Some people need to see the proof before they believe something like that. It is important!
You shouldn't get involved. As hard as it sounds you cannot get involved as you will only make things worse.
its an email for a start unless you have more prove then this say nothing

he would be deleting all of his e/mails for a start and using a YAHOO account if he was cheating unless he is dumb

it could be fake - you should cofront the cheater privately to see what is going on.
You need to let them know. Let the cards fall where they may
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