Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How often should I call my spouse at work?

My wife calls me two three times a day and complains that I don't call her enough. I see her before and after work.How often should I call my spouse at work?
we call each other sometimes up to 10 times. we own a business together, so it's usually work related. however, just for chatting usually twice.How often should I call my spouse at work?
It depends on the person. My husband likes me to call him or he thinks something is wrong with our communication. He had a previous bad relationship. We call each other when we have a break. Studing to be a teacher, I have less times I can call but he can call when he is driving the cement truck. It depends on if the person needs encouragement during the day and how often you can call. If I went back to retail, I probably would not be able to call or only once.
In order to do your job, you need not call at all, unless there is an emergency or special situation to warrant you checking in with her during the day. (ie. medical, emotional, etc.) As an employer, I would think less of an employee who has to call home 3 times a day. How much time does it take from your work day? Good luck with your adult marriages.
i think you should call her everytime you think about her-- don't get in trouble at work but show her you care. my BF doesnt really call me either and i wonder why but i understand... guys are different-- in some cases-- and we want to share everything with y'all... it's weird... but at least call her once and tell her your thinking of her and don't add--- see i'm calling you... that sucks... just be considerate.. there is not rule and no real number but it's just a girl thing, sorry.
I don't think its a good idea for you to call them because her boss would get annoyed about u ringing all the time when shes meant to be working. but if you really have to, do it in her break, dat way it keeps the boss happy and she doesn't get in trouble for not staying focused at work =]
I get may get booed. But I am sooo in love with my husband, I call him 2 or 3 times a day. I don't have a boss, I am the boss and my husband works for GM. Usually our calls or 1 minute or less, Just saying..

Hi Honey, I love you, just thinking about you. Have a good day...
Never call at work if you have nothing to do with the business. I only call when I have to call on business related matters. I work in the same business, so when I call. he knows it is important. He worries if a whole day goes by and I don't call. We are a team!
Well, my husband is an audio-engineer and he goes to his studio every day from 10-6 but the whole time we have our AIM (instant messenger) on and we always express how much we love each other or we'll joke around and comment about the love-making we did b4 he went to work .. I guess he's just super cool like that .. I know he'll be one of those dads that will constantly want an update about how our new born is doing hehe .. i love him.

maybe ur wife has the same sort of wants .. if ur not that kind of guy then that is something she may have to just live with. Every couple loves differently.
I would call her once a day to say hi to her, if that little phone call makes her happy why not do it? Me and my hubby went through this. So we decided to always call each other when we are one our way home since we both have different times we get off.
You should only call your spouse at work for an emergency. Personal phone calls are frowned upon by most employers as it takes away from your productivity. It could affect your annual review, pay raise and or consideration for a promotion.
she must be feeling a bit insecure at the moment and a bit neglected why not take her some flowers home or better still send a bouquet and a love u always card to her workplace better than a call eh and will make her feel like a million dollars and really loved
depends on the job, I call my wife but sometimes she is to busy to talk and does not want to make the boss mad. Once a day is fine if you are asking. Make sure you have something to talk about. tell a joke or a funny story.
My partner and I never call one another at work unless there's an emergency. We live together, so I see him everyday before and after work, I don't need to talk whilst I'm there. How does your wife get any work done?
you don't call them while they are at work except for an emergency and even so not able to locate the ketchup bottle in the fridge is not an emergency..

break times are appropriate but only if they decide to call
I always thought it was really annoying when people's spouses called every day at work. REALLY annoying. I think spouses should only call each other at work if they have something very important to say.
well atleast once during your work period, considering that u work a reg, 9-5 job is OK, but if u are working longer than that then 2-3 times is ok, like every break u get!
I call my husband about 2-3 times a day just because he has desk job on computer. If he's too busy he doesn't pick up the phone. Therefore, just don't pick up the phone when your wife calls you.
I never call my husband at work and he never calls me unless sometimes we leave a message or reminder about something on our cell phones.
That seems excessive. But maybe if you called her 2 or 3 times a day before she had the chance, she'd be happy. And when she's happy, you're going to be happier.
Call her at least 4 times a day. One in the morning, second duringyour lunch and 3rd mid afternoon and fourth when you go home.
You are at WORK, man!

It sounds like she has some serious issues.

I can understand wanting a phone call during lunch maybe but to expect to be a constant distraction is absurd.
I never call my husband when I'm working. Too busy. Sometimes he sends a text just to see if I'm okay or having a good day %26amp; I respond. That's about it unless we're both seriously bored.
Give her a call on your lunch break just to ';see how her day is going';. It will brighten her day to know that you're thinking of her and it will get her off your back about never calling her.
I rarely call my husband at work because I know how busy he is. I also know that at some point in the day he will call me.
Once a day should suffice unless there truly is an emergency.
We probably call each other twice a day at work. I like to hear her voice during the day.
I rarely call my husband when he is at work....When he comes home we want to have something to talk about!...LOL but we do text message one another a few times a day....
WEIRD!!! You should never call her at work unless there's an emergency. WTF???
When she stops calling you then you will know that she has hooked up with someone on the internet. LOL
Only if it is an EMERGENCY!!!! Other than that the chat can wait till home alone time.

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