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How implicated a spouse can be by not disclosing past criminal record from the spouse?

to Army National Guard? He was arrested on Mexico in 2001 (stereoids) paid 500 fine and alk totally free. Joint National Guard again in 2007, but has a clean record in the States. He brags about it to everyone. Can the spose be ';accontable' if do not tell it to Army?How implicated a spouse can be by not disclosing past criminal record from the spouse?
A spouse is not liable to divulge information, especially on things that occured prior to the marriage. The only place it may get tricky is if you are called as part of a security clearance renewal. If that happens , you may want to ask a lawyer about any possible issues. But, if he is in a job with a high security clearance and it hasn't come out yet, it may mean the record no longer exsists. In any case, your husband should be the one worrying and checking into this, especially if it is upsetting you.How implicated a spouse can be by not disclosing past criminal record from the spouse?
you won;t get into trouble but he certainly will. Just because he doesn't have a record in the US doesn't means his criminal past won't eventually catch up to him.
Don't worry about it. You are not liable in anyway...but if your husband keeps spouting off, somebody will eventually look into it for him and take the necessary action.
Sometimes honesty is the best approach. Besides it happened in the past.

Good luck.

No you are in no danger of getting in trouble, he need to watch what he says, That can get him in a lot of trouble
No, a spouse can not be held liable for such a situation due to a law called spousal privilege. It is the same as patient confidentiality to a degree. However, the law recognizes that married couples share LOTS of information which they would not want anyone else to know.

However, if your husband applies for a certain security clearance they will find out and he could face criminal charges here in the states for false representation. Additionally, he could be forced to repay all his training, travel, bonuses, etc.

I would strongly recommend that he shuts his mouth. He probably will be okay but if he is activated and sent somewhere were he will need that clearance, well then things could get taught.
My husband is an Army Recruiter. I would be open about this with the recruiter. You can go to the Recruiter yourself and tell them. Nothing will go against you.

This could save you a lot of grief in the long run just in case. This is also a way that you could play it safe and make sure that you both are being honest.

All recruiting station numbers are listed in the local telephone directories or you can go to www.usarmy or goarmy.com.
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I would be completley honest. A friend of mine and my husbands did not tell the military about debt he owed when he joined. He just recently was trying to finalize his security clearance and all of the debt came to light. He is in a lot of trouble because he lied. I do not think you can be held accountable but his career could be ruined. I would tell him to stop bragging. i would also ask him to try to get ahold of the courts in Mexico and see if he still has a record. If he has already subbmitted security clerance paperwork and has a record in mexico and did not divulge this he could be in serious trouble.amanda
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