Monday, December 28, 2009

What are the signs that your spouse is cheating?

What are the signs if your husband is cheating or planning on cheating.What are the signs that your spouse is cheating?
There are many, many signs and potentional signs of cheating, but I'll list a few for you.

Hiding their cell phone / not allowing spouse to see cell phone

Putting passwords on things that weren't password protected before or CHANGING passwords to things your spouse had the password to (i.e. phone, voicemail, e-mail, etc.)

Making calls outside or away from home

Coming home later than usual

Unexplained absences from home

Lies about whereabouts

If asked about cheating gets VERY defensive / angry -- typically guilty people are the first to get angry.

Showering immediately upon coming home / showering more frequently than usual

Picking fights with their spouse more frequently

Being less attached to their spouse / less affectionate

Have sex with spouse less frequently

Good luck. Please keep in mind that this is not a foolproof list of things people do when cheating. These are just signs that potentially point to your spouse cheating and they are not PROOF. Please talk to your spouse if you suspect cheating -- it's not too late to save your marriage. :)What are the signs that your spouse is cheating?
I agree with the best answer. I also just wanted to say, that I am a mother of 3 too and I've been in the same place. Keep your head up and pray. Good Luck


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wow I agree with best answer so true I have all these signs

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Many of the problems you may be facing could be just the tip of the iceberg

on what is really happening in your marriage. I dont mean to scare you but

many problems when they either first show up or if they keep reoccurring

could be just whats showing from a larger problem that either you or your

spouse cannot even see. One of the only things you can do to help is to talk

honestly and openly with each other in the marriage. If things become more

serious more serious options need to be looked at as possibilities. I have a

blog that has more information on some of what I've been writing about. If

you feel like checking it out I would completly suggest it.

Love is a choice that is made everyday when you wake up and every night when

you go to sleep. Some days you may not feel the original feeling but love

isnt a feeling or an emotion. Its an action a verb. Falling out of love may

just mean you need to spice things up a little or that you were never in

love in the first place. Don't just get out of a marriage just because you

don't think you like the person anymore.

When he suddenly has interest in his appearance. You call him and he does not answer or he can answer but you know that there is somebody besides him because of how he is talking to you. When he can not come home early or has some ';activity'; to do. Sometimes he can be more interested in sex and other times it can be the opposite. You spot lies. He becomes aggressive when you confront him. He suddenly wants more privacy.

And something important studies have demonstrated that liars most of the time keep eye contact so you will think he is not lying. Also, he will avoid the word ';I'; when you confront him. His hand hardly will go to his chest or his heart. Hi will blink more his eyes, his mouth can get dried. Other times he can put an object between you, maybe a pillow. It takes long to answer or repeats your question as if he did not understood. That is just a way to think what he will answer.

I hope this helps.
after all the drama I've been through this last month, people have been giving me advice left and right. One person told me you can tell when someones cheating when the change for no apparent reason. When they start doing things or acting differently for no apparent reason. Or start bringing stuff out the blue and just being different.
If he starts coming home later in the evening

Funny phone calls

He cant look u in the eye

He may seem jumpy or if u ask a question as 2 his where abouts he may get all defensive.
He gets too observant on your reactions everytime he tells you about his plans for the day / weekend or whatever.
if he is careless,or doesn't have mood for ..,if he doesn't kiss or hug,if he is away hours without calling and more but you cant be sure unless you see so follow him
sign: he's breathing.

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