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What are the signs that your spouse might be addicted to pornography?

And yes, I do believe there is a such thing. I just wanted to know what to watch for.What are the signs that your spouse might be addicted to pornography?
More porn than could fit in one drawer. A few tapes, dvd's, magazines, maybe one internet site, I would consider to be a normal amount. If someone has a collection that would require more storage space than that I would be a little concerned.What are the signs that your spouse might be addicted to pornography?
I don't believe pornography can be an addiction unless its something that you do and cannot stop. For instance, if you work for a company that prohibits looking at porn on company equipment or during work hours, and you know people who've gotten fired for this, yet you still do it- not caring if you get fired or not, I think that is a sign of addiction. So, in other words when you need to stop (not asked to stop) but refuse to is when I'd say an addiciton was present. There is a difference between can't and won't. Most people won't stop but claim they can't. For instance, I've seen on yahoo answers, posts from women who say their man is addicted to porn and it be a case where she asks him to stop, he may agree, but still do it on the sly. This is not an addiction. This is what happens when a person is asked to do something they don't really want to do. They want to do what they want but not get yelled at for it so it's easier to say ';but I can't stop'; because by doing that you're getting the other person to feel bad for you and for a little while, you'll get ';a break'; while you work on your addiction.

I honestly believe that it's the people who don't want their mates to watch porn, who claim pornography can be an addiction. Anyone who actually watches it probably sees it as no big deal and just see porn for what it is- a quick way to get off. Think about it. Why would a person who enjoys porn, think at all that they're watching it excessively? It's the person they're with who'll call it excessive. Even if that person doesn't desire to have sex with an actual person, that's sexually dysfunctional but nothing more than that. If a person preferred spending their time in the kitchen cooking than having sex, would that person have an addiction to cooking? Preference doesn't mean addiction.. and if a person's spouse preferred porn to having actual sex, I'd first have to look at the person claiming addiction rather than person who's looking at porn. The person watching porn has no problem getting aroused, the problem lies with the person who's unable to get that person aroused. My husband and I both watch porn- a lot of it. But none of those women in conjuction with his hand and some baby oil can get him more aroused than me. Porn isn't the problem, somebody in that relationship is.
This issue has become such a destructive plague people are not realizing how they are losing their loved ones, and sadly even children to this satanic attack. No, its not righteous, is not decent, it does not improve a relationship....they are all the devil's lie to kill, steal and destroy and he is being very successful at it. Whether you watch other in a sexual act once, twice or whatever more, it is not only addictive but very destructive to a relationship where morals and decency and respect exists.
If his pornography use has harmful consequences to his health, mental state and/or social life than it would be considered an addiction. If he occassionally gets on the computer to check out porn, well its not addiction (even if he spanks off to it).

If he gets home, says ';hey babe'; and than spends the next three - four hours looking at porn and repeats the process through-out the week-end than that is a problem. Likewise,if his porn use means he can't get it up when he is with you or he has no interest in sex with you period than he has a problem.

I think a lot of women like to think their man HAS an addiction because they don't like porn but I imagine most of them don't. It's simply a way for women to try and guilt their husbands into not checking it out.
basically if its effecting their daily life. If they doesnt get things done around the house because they're too busy looking at porn, if they spend less time with you, sometimes if they're not as interested in sex as they use to be. I personally don't think a spouse should look at porn at all. I'm the only woman I wanted my husband to see naked..i dont care if its on the computer at a woman he'll never meet or if he's out at a strip club. make him stop completely. obviously your not filling all his needs and he's not attracted to you enough if he has to go see naked woman online.
Why do women worry about this nonsense so much? We're visual creatures. Visual beauty stimulates us, just like watching some sappy romance or reading a novel stimulates you. The women are art images. We don't compare you to them, we don't fall in love with them we couldn't care less what their personalities are like or even whether or not the image is real or photoshopped. All guys, your brother, your church going dad, your uncle, your favorite actor or rock star and that cute guy down the street, all of them have looked at porn sometimes. This stuff is only a problem in the minds of women and preachers.
If he doesn't care about having sex with you as often, or if he seems to lose interest in you. I dated a guy like that, he got mad at me once for not being excited for him that he had shot his c*m really far when masturbating to porn right in front of me. We lived together and hadn't had sex for a month and he no longer even kissed me good-bye when he left for work. Now, I'm not ok with any porn. My husband used to watch it, but I made it clear to him that I found it offensive, like I wasn't good enough for him or something, and that I would leave if it happened again. I know way more about computers than him, so he knows I could catch him if he found some on there (that's how I caught him in the past) and I locked out anything rated ';R'; on our tv (he asked me to). I am also extremely immaculate, and clean places that he would never even think of, so if he tried to hide anything I would find it, and he knows it. He no longer seems to have any desire for it though, but he does harass me nearly every night for sex... almost makes me regret that he doesn't have porn anymore! lol
k gross... but you can always check the history of any computer... just explore some of your resources.... another thing, is i know i shouldn't say it but it could be you, try to do something different, because your probably not giving him enough, or the right kind..... (not like you don't already give him enough, greedy bastard.)
We don't have that problem in our house but from reading other posts here I gather that it's when your spouse watches it several times a day or more and your sex life goes to heck because they are too busy getting off to porn to be bothered with you.
Why does it matter? My wife might be addicted to playing scrabble, but I don't give a rat's behind. Addiction is only bad when it causes problems. If you are not seeing any problems, don't worry about it.
I would think someone is addicted to porn when it interferes with their real sex life.

Can't get off the computer, not interested in anything else going on in the household.
If your husband looks at pornography ever, than that shows he's thinking about other woman and obviously not satisfied with you, and therefore he is 99.9% cheating on you. Dump him!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look up a definition of addiction (substance addiction, for example); these signs would apply to porn addiction as well.
LOL at the first answer!!

But if he's constantly watching it, or looking it up on the internet then there's your answer... he's addicted!
If it is affecting your relationship then it is an addiction.
As with any addiction, when it starts to affect his personal/professional life.
When you can't pay the rent or buy food because he has spent it all on porn.
Er watching too much of it maybe!!!
if he prefers to Look at porn than have sex with you

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