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How easy is it to get pregnant when your spouse had a vasectomy?

My husband had a vasectomy in 2000. Is there any chance we can still concieve?How easy is it to get pregnant when your spouse had a vasectomy?
Okay... I guess I'll be the first guy to answer your question.

Yes there is a chance.

How do I know?

Well, a year and a half after my vasectomy... My wife was pregnant again. I went back to the doctor to be tested and sure enough it had reversed itself!

I went and had the procedure repeated, and my wife got her tubes tied at the time of delivery.

I checked into it and it happens more than the ';experts'; would like to admit.

Just remember, having a woman's tubes tied is not 100% either.

Now if you WANT to conceive, most vasectomies can be surgically reversed.

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A vasectomy is 99.9% effective for life. If you would like to conceive, consult a doctor about getting the procedure reversed.
Yes, he can have a reversal. Sometimes the tubes reconnect even without the surgery.
Probably not, but vasectomy's can reverse themselves. If you think that is the case, he needs to hit the doctor's office and make a ';deposit'; so they can check and see if it really has. My husband had one in 2003 and he goes every year to make sure it's still okay.
Vasectomy is considered permanent sterilization. Though there is a low failure rate, odds are pretty high that he won't ever be able to get you pregnant.
There is a chance if he gets it reversed. however your chances decrease the longer you waste. If he doesn't get it reversed you have a better chance at winning the lotto then getting pregnant.
My husband had one so I wouldnt have to go thru sterilization surgery. His was 100% effective. I would say you will not get pregnant.
it is highly unlikely that you will get pregnant when your husband had a vasectomy what seven years ago? every tube that helps the sperm travel to the penis are severed and therefore making it impossible for the man to ejaculate any sperm. usually the tubes are tied, cut and burned.

i can assure you that the odds of you getting pregnant are extremely low if possible at all.

it is possible to get pregnant after you have had a tubal ligation but you have a higher chance of getting pregnant after you have been fixed than you do if your husband has been fixed. most women who do get pregnant after being fixed could land up having tubal pregnancies and other problems.
depends on whether the vasectomy took or not, there is a chance that it didn't so yeah you could still concieve potentially....
Not likely unless he gets it reversed.
Only if he gets it reversed. Was he tested after to see if he is now sterile? If so than there isn't much of a chance without the surgery. Why did you change your mind? This is why I think people should be really sure before getting permanent sterilization. Good luck getting pregnant if this is what you really want I know how it feels to not be able to get pregnant.
Ask my 8 week old son......I went to the ER last August because I was throwing up, had a severe headache and thought I was developing the symptoms of kidney failure all over again.......NOPE, just pregnant, and I swear, I told my husband that the doctor was an idiot and that we neded to leave the hospital, then I saw our baby on ultrasound.

SO, yes, you can get pregnant after a vasectomy.
Yes it is....Just like a can still get is not likely but possible....I had a friend who conceived after her husband had a vasectomy but it was very soon after...

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