Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How would you handle a spouse who is overly sensitive about all your words and actions?

He is not so sensitive to others..I am tired of watching my words and acting sensibly :-) Its ok i can do it if thats the only option.How can I encourage him to talk How would you handle a spouse who is overly sensitive about all your words and actions?
how long have u been married for??if u r newly weds then he may take some time to get used to it..till then u hv to be careful abt ur actions or words..can be tough to put up wid a nature like that...he has to be sure that u love him a lot and u hv to make that effort in making him understand..tell him that watever u say or do doesnt mean a thing...be patient How would you handle a spouse who is overly sensitive about all your words and actions?
This is not an easy situation and I can see that you are doing everything you can to make this work. I think you are on the right track in trying to connect with him by encouraging him to talk. Here is a part of an article that I read. I hope it will help :

'; ... because men really are like children, and they often see a woman as a mother. And even though this kind of a relationship may seem ';imbalanced,'; it will become balanced out because it will make the man want to ';rise up,'; to show how great he is. It will awaken his desire to become greater in a positive way, rather than in an overbearing, negative way.

Here is the rest of the short arcticle. -

as a person who sounds exactly like your description, i can tell you what could be going on in his head (although i might be off because your post is so vague). I don't ask a lot from people or have any expectations of them EXCEPT when they say they're going to do something. Once it's said out loud, i will hold them to that. I had problems with my boyfriend saying he'd call back in 15 minutes and would call back in 45. we got into huge arguements where he would say that he would do something and then forget. both he and i are working on that. he's putting in more of an effort to write things down and remember. he's also using more vague terms like ';i'll call you later'; or ';i'll get to that in a little while'; so that i don't hold him to a time that he said. i'm working hard to be less sensitive.

your sitch with your guy is not beyond repair but it's going to take both of you working together to try to resolve the issue. not one, both.
don't say anything! Seriously, it seemed that my wife was always reacting to everything I said. I think (notice I said think) that it was her

own self esteem. She wasn't aso sure that I felt she was the only one for me. Is it possible that your husband is the same way? Are you really pretty, and sometimes you say something (inappropiate or not)

to another guy? So, could it be that he is insecure? If you think that

would be it, you'll know what to do

hmmm u can do one thing..better go in public parties say office party or just any kind of party in which u have ur friends..he has to speak up tehre...or even never miss out any relatives party get togethers etc...last option start behaving like him to make him understand how he talks :)
i have the same problem with every woman i have been with. It's ridiculous.
It's difficult

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