Monday, December 28, 2009

What does anyone feel about a spouse chatting on the internet with the opposite sex?

I was wondering, what do people think about a husband or a wife chatting on the internet with the opposite sex? I am a christian and feel like it is wrong.What does anyone feel about a spouse chatting on the internet with the opposite sex?
I am also a believer of GOD and I do not see it as a problem:

Every person needs friends (whether it be online or offline or male or female)

Notice I said friends (meaning friends you know about and you are accepting of)

But If he is talking to random women online, it is extremely unacceptableWhat does anyone feel about a spouse chatting on the internet with the opposite sex?
You are supposed to be your mate's best friend so it should be her desire to treat you as such too. She should want to make you happy--not uncomfortable or insecure. Chatting on the internet with the someone of opposite sex is the first step toward several courses that are unhealthy to a marriage (e.g. flirting, becoming a confidant, complaining about their current situation). This kind of thing dilutes the bond and trust of a marriage. Its very likely the first ingredient in a recipe for disaster.
I think if one of the partners has a problem with the other chatting online...then it should stop. The time spent chatting on the internet with the opposite sex , could be spent with their partner...doing things that will help towards a happy, healthy, loving marriage...marriage need to be worked on ,everyday,every week, every month, every year. A trusting , wholesome marriage doesn't just needs time doing healthy things and tons of communication.
it really depends on what they are talking about, I chat with people in yahoo chats about all sorts of things, and I have one regular guy, who has a mom with Alzheimer's and I have a aunt who lives with me who has it, so we discuss how they do, some things you can read but some things you need to know from some one. so again there is nothing wrong with chatting with some one, and there is nothing wrong with you having a problem with it.
the truth is unless they are trying to have som sort of sexual relation with the person I feel there is not a sin in some one having a conversation and even friendly teasing just so long as your spouse is not trying to go outside the marriage for sex of any kind they have not committed adultery

and by any kind I mean even imaginary

as for me I do not mind hanging out with someone who is married and even in some way being as close a friend as their spouse is so long as I do not have sex with them or attempt to pull them from their spouse

it is all in what those who are involved have in the heart even when they flirt as this can be done to be a friendly kind of cheekiness and not actually meant as a come on
Well, if you have established a good communication with your spouse, better ask him/her about it and weigh in her/his explanation. Perhaps you weren't unable to give her/him the attention she/he needs that's why your lover is chatting online. Perhaps also it's inherent in her/him to enjoy good conversations that encompasses her/his interest.
Most friends I have are male, so what is wrong with talking to them. If I cannot talk to a male, I need to quit my job... I talk to men all day long and having a sexy voice I get all kinds of comments and offers. My husband knows I love him beyond words and would never be with anyone but him... love is trust.
frankly i get fed up with the fact that it seems like my wife has no compassion towards the fact that i do have friends of the opposite sex and it would seem to me that she gets nervous whenever i do chat with the opposite sex. however, i have no problem with her doing it. ironic??
Well, the bible talks about putting whatever is pure, true, lovely, and noble into our minds. If the person they are chatting with is putting pure thoughts in their head, then sure, why not. But quite honestly, there isn't really any necessity.
i say chat, chat, chat. what's the big deal. maybe they are solving the bailout problems. have some chat of your own, but for the love of Christ, please don't bring religion into this.
I think it is totally unacceptable. I mean what can they possibly talking about? Did they meet that person on the internet or were they already friends?
Unless it's a close friend it's unacceptable.
Meh. I could give a hoot. If you don't trust them then the problem is with you. Not them.
if it was occasional and a friend i won't mind but anything else i say is cheating and so does my christian husband.
I know my husband well and that he won't cheat on me but it bothers me a little bit, I'll admit.

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