Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How can I help my spouse get through his first christmas without his mother?

He hasn't said much about it, but I think that is weird. He hasn't even thought on what gifts for his grandma or brother who lived with her till she passed on last year.How can I help my spouse get through his first christmas without his mother?
I agree with all the answers accept....DO NOT TELL HIM TO MOVE ON! That's a very insensitive and naive thing to tell a grieving person. Be supportive and listen....don't feel like you have to try andmake him feel better...you won't be able to. Get the gifts for him so he doesn't have to worry about it...or ask him if he wants to go together and get gifts for them. Keep checking in with him and BE PATIENT.How can I help my spouse get through his first christmas without his mother?
You could put together a scrap book with photos of her etc and give it to him, he prob has not thought of gifts because he is hurting and prob doesnt care to tell ya the truth I know I get like that when I am in emotional pain, how about you pick out some ideas for their presents and ask him what he thinks if he doesnt show interest in it then just pick something yourself so he doesnt have to think about it.

Just be there and listen to him
he will talk about it when he is ready. don't be pushy just let him deal with it the best way he knows how and sometimes that may not include you. just be ready and understanding.
oh my...this will be the toughest christmas for him..the first one without a loved one...i had lost both of my parents in 2006...mom in march...dad in july...it was a difficult time...my husband hasn't been the best support system...just give him lots of love and support...and let him know how much you are there for him....god bless
see if you can talk about her bring up the good times and just listen let him talk let him cry just listen and be there to just listen even if you have to drink soemthing to stay wake. Go through albums visit her old friends.
just be loving and supportive if he brings it up then you two can talk about it but theirs a good chance that he dont want to talk about it. He will notice that your treating him extra kindly and he will know why
comfort him. and tell him to move on. add up some soothing words,

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