Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What if my spouse and his boss hide his earnings to avoid paying child support?

My husband is claiming to work only 2-3 days per week. His boss will most likely pay him for 20 hours on the books and 20 hours in cash. Because our economy is so poor right now it would be plausible for my husbands hours to be cut.What if my spouse and his boss hide his earnings to avoid paying child support?
you can pay an investigator to look into the situation but hope you are right if you doWhat if my spouse and his boss hide his earnings to avoid paying child support?
What a slimeball. He and his employer could go to jail for many years, that is now not only child support fraud, it is also tax fraud, tax evasion and perjury.

They both could face 5-25 years depending on how many of the charges stuck. Bear in mind the government frowns on tax evasion and fraud pretty heavily so assume he will get the maximum sentence for each item.

Also, there is no guarantee that his support would be lowered, they usually won't if he goes from full time to part time.
happens all the time...or they pay cash or they job hop.

All you can really do is hire a PI (there is one on here named Eddie by the way) or you can put in claims for his tax refunds etc.

Theres not a whole lot you can do though if he gets cash or keeps running from the truth. This is why you divorced...hes a jerk!

(That song by Gorilla keeps running through my head...Hes a jerk (I know!))
If you suspect this tell your solicitor and the courts can investigate, they have the power to look into his bank accounts etc. if he is only on 20 hours a week how is he paying rent or mortgage? He would need more money than that. it doesnt add up.
He could be charged with tax evasion, and the IRS would take the money he owes them. Then he really won't be able to pay child support. You can't squeeze blood from a stone. However, he could be ordered by a judge to retain a second job solely for child support.
How do you know he is hiding his earnings? If you have proof he is doing that then contact your lawyer and tell him what you know. He can take it from there.
Threaten his boss with the IRS. They love to hear about people who try to avoid taxes. I don't think he would risk an audit for a deadbeat like your ex.
I think that's very selfish and apparently the kids mean nothing to him. So sad to be that way.
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